The Accidental Counsellor


Ever found yourself giving advice to someone and thinking “Am I saying the right things”?

Perhaps you've had a work colleague come up to you and just dump all their emotions about a break up with their partner on you and then want you to tell them what to do?

Or perhaps it's a client your treating for a physical issue.

Maybe you've been at a committee meeting that's just finished and another member pulls you aside and wants your advice about dealing with their rebellious teenager?

What do you do?  This wasn't planned.  You had no idea this was coming.

On completion of this topic, you will have gained an increased understanding of:

  • What accidental counselling is and what it isn't
  • Effective listening
  • How to know your own limitations
  • How to maintain safety for yourself and the person you are talking with
  • Some of the referral options you might use

The duration of this topic is: 1 hour

Author: Bob Boss-Walker

Enrolment duration: 364 days
Cost: 45(AUD)

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