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Community and Aged Care services is our regions fastest growing industry. TAFE have been in consultation with industry leaders to develop tools and training opportunities for people already working in the industry. has been developed by TAFE Mid North Coast to inform and empower Community and Health Care workers to advance their knowledge and skills through a series of online and nationally recognized Continuous Professional Development (CPD) modules.

This online model not only offers people already employed in the industry the opportunity to be the best they can be, but also encourages those who have targeted the sector to empower themselves with new knowledge and skills sought after by employers.

One such employer is NSW Home Support Services who have been delivering in home and community nursing, respite and care services on the Mid North Coast for over 20 years. ”Our partnership with TAFE Mid North Coast has yielded a massive jump in our team’s performance, skills and job satisfaction levels! Not only has it empowered our workforce to seek new knowledge and skills…it’s seen tangible and sustainable benefits in the preferred care types chosen by our clients.” says GM Stavros Koufis.

“It is a real credit to the team at NSW Home Support Services who have embraced change and shifted their way of thinking when it comes to professional development for their staff.” Says Lisa Taffe, Head Teacher of Health, Aged Care & Nursing + First Aid Health

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Pictured Lisa Taffe, Head Teacher at North Coast TAFE & Stavros Koufis, General Manager at NSW Home Support Services



NSW TAFE Innovation Awards 2012

The judging panel acknowledged that HEALnet provides a practical on-line approach which impacts positively on health industry professionals in rural and remote areas. It offers a seamless service to its customers in order for them to gain their Continuing Professional Development points. The customer relevance and impact were clearly demonstrated and strengthened by anecdotal evidence provided in the submission. This project has the potential for expansion into other areas of professional development. The submission exhibited good use of data and the strategies needed to build the business.


Paul Schofield, Director of Nursing, Grafton Base Hospital

I am pleased we subscribed to HEALnet. The site provides relevant information in an expansive range of topics. We have made two topics mandatory for our staff and this is proving to be a positive initiative. The convenience of access has also been helpful to our out of hours staff. Well done with this fine initiative, you have made a positive contribution to nursing and in particular rural nurses.


Fay Samios, Recruitment Manager, Australian Recruiting Health and Education (2012)

As you are aware we are a nursing agency. Before HEALnet we undertook face to face training and still do to some extent. However with shift workers timing is always an issue, the other issue is that most RTOs only have x number of courses. We have a high staff retention rate and we found that some staff were doing the same courses 4-5 times. HEALnet has changed that, we give access to all registered nurses after 3 months. The feedback we have received from our registered nurses is exceptionally positive. We will continue with HEALnet into the New Year, it a great resource.


Fay Samios, Recruitment Manager, Australian Recruiting Health and Education (a year later: 2013)

Australian Recruiting Health and Education Pty Ltd is a nursing agency based in Brisbane, we have been using HEALnet for over a year now. The main uses are for our registered nurses in providing ongoing education and maintaining competencies. We provide all registered nurses with access after 3 months of working with us. However as we only employ nursing students as AINs we use HEALnet with these staff members for Elder abuse training and from time to time ACFI training. Prior to using HEALnet we utilised an RTO on a monthly basis and had done so for seven years. The cost for each session was over $1100.00 for 12 participants and the course variety was limited. HEALnet has provided us with a cost effective method of education delivery to our staff. HEALnet is also time effective as our nursing staff can access the program from any computer. As an organisation we have an exceptionally high retention rate of registered nurses and we attribute some of this retention to HEALnet. I would recommend it any nursing agency, Hospital or aged care facility. ·


Penny Griffin, CNC Renal Services, Broken Hill Health Service, Far West Local Health District, NSW

HEALnet provides a very diverse range of topics which is helping the staff, in the rural and remote areas, to change their way of thinking about their ongoing education. I would encourage everyone to become a member and to take advantage of the online education that HEALnet provides.


Romilly Pearce, Renal Clinical Nurse Educator, Broken Hill Health Service

HEALnet provides a very diverse range of topics which is helping staff in the rural and remote areas, to change their way of thinking about their ongoing education.

NSW TAFE Innovation Awards

Broken Hill Health Service

Australian Recruitment Health and Education Pty Ltd

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